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Backyard Bears Day School is an equal opportunity employer. We take pride in taking care of our employees by providing the tools needed to make their jobs possible. Other benefits include paid holidays and vacations. Wages are based on performance, attendance, and formal training. "Team playing" by working together to accomplish goals is a must. Our program starts with the teacher's success and the children will follow the trend.

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6602 N. Habana Ave., Tampa, FL
813-931-9844 Lic# CHC110392

The following jobs are open for interview:

Lead Teacher - 30/10 hour, First Aid, Child CPR a must, CDA or ECA at minimum. ( Willing to work for one year or more after employed )

Teacher Aid - 30/10 hour, First Aid, Child CPR required. ( Willing to complete the age appropriate training modules in no less than 6 months after employed. )

Part Time / Substitute Teacher - First aid, child CPR required.
( Willing to complete age appropriate training modules as required. )

If you are interested you may email us your resume.  Thank you. Home
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