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What do I get for my tuition Dollar?
In an effort to better inform you of the expense for quality day care, I have put together some interesting figures obtained from our accountant. The total revenue (100%) breaks down as follows:

* Expert staff with paid holidays and vacation benefits. (54%)
* Large facilities with a minimum 1 acre playground, etc. (17%)
* Maintenance and improvements i.e.: repairs, mulch, etc. (7%)
* Food service to include snacks, lunch, special events, etc. (7%)
* Transportation - Buses, fuel, maintenance, insurance. (7%)
* School supplies - Toys, furniture, art supplies, etc. (3%)
* Insurance (3%)
* Capital improvements "wish list stuff" (2%)

How do we keep the quality of our program alive ?

One of our goals is to be the best we can at the most reasonable rate possible. Quality starts with happy content staff who have all the tools and supplies needed to perform their daily miracles. With that they need the support of an owner and director who are willing to give long hours to assure a clean facility with an organized agenda ready for the next days service.

How are we viewed by the community ? "Quotes"

Department Of Children and Families:
Child care licensing) - "High compliance center" - Excellent rating.

Nova Southeastern University:
"Better than some accredited centers", "You as parents, have made an excellent choice by placing your child at Backyard Bears"

Client comments:
"I don't know what it is about this school, but it feels good!"

"I've been to so many centers! This is the only one I'll leave my children at"

What does this information mean to you, the client?

These facts will not surprise most of you. Quality day care programs require substantial funding and Backyard Bears Day School is no different. Backyard Bears offers a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your child with a family of highly qualified staff. We try hard to provide the type of service our parents expect.

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